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Become a certified conversation designer.

In this online course you will learn proven methods for conversation design. You will develop a great understanding of technology, psychology and copywriting to make chatbots and voice assistants more helpful, natural, and persuasive.

The principles in this course have worked for companies like:

The Conversational Academy covers all important aspects of conversation design

The Bot Scorecard
Bot Persona
Conversation design process
Service copywriting
Bot optimisation
Tech, Team, Tools

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You will receive
  • Over 40 video lectures by experienced conversation designers
  • Templates and canvasses to use in your design process
  • Quizzes to test your knowledge
  • Final exam
  • Temporary license for prototyping tool Botsociety
  • Digital certificate to show on Linkedin

One-on-one feedback sessions

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  • Apply to your own case
  • Do the quizzes
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Work on your own
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We will show you lots and lots of examples of where it goes wrong and how to rewrite. We also show you the conversation design of a virtual use case from beginning to end. We advice you to simultaneously work on your own case and apply the principles that you learn .

Feel free to use any prototyping tool you want. However, if you decide to work with Botsociety, we offer you a free trial version for the full length of the course. Sweet!

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Why people recommend this course

Conversation design is a critical element of any nontrivial chatbot project

Julian Harris

Robocopy has been leading the market in terms of converging a whole new genre of conversational design skills.

Martin Hill Wilson
Brainfood Consulting

Robocopy is moving the industry forward in terms of conversation design.

Vittorio Banfi

Graduates from the Conversational Academy 

can work with every platform, including

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Your teachers

Hans van Dam

Founder Robocopy |

Conversational copywriter

Joris Groen

Founder Robocopy | Psychologist | Creative Director | Persuasive copywriting

Books that inspire us


Is the course online?
Yes. You will get unlimited access to online video lectures, templates, canvasses, quizzes and a final exam.
What does it mean to become a certified conversation designer?
Conversation Design is a new job. Therefore it's important to create a standard in terms of quality. The Robocopy certificate tells businesses that you have had extensive training and know how to design conversations that make bots helpful, natural and persuasive when talking to users.
What are the requirements for enrolling in this course?
This course is perfect for ux-designers, copywriters and product owners that want practical insight into conversation design. If you have little copywriting experience, this course might not be for you.
Who should take this course?
This course is for everyone involved with the user experience around chatbots and voice assistants. Conversation designers, ux-designers, copywriters and product owners.
Are these skills applicable to voice assistants and other bots?
Yes. Chatbots and voice assistants are different experiences, but they are closely related. You will learn principles for both voice assistants and chat bots, and you will learn what is different in terms of copy-writing.
Can this knowledge be applied in every language?
Yes. The methods that we teach in this course are based on psychological principles. These principles are relevant in every language. Therefore, as a trained conversation designer, you can work in every language, however, we suggest always getting a native speaker editing your work.