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Conversation design is a critical element of any nontrivial chatbot project

Julian Harris, Cognitionx

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What is conversation design?

In this video, Hans van Dam explains how humans and bots will have to learn to communicate with each other. It describes how conversation designers have to understand both the artificial and human brain, to design natural conversations for chatbots and voice assistants.

We have trained hundreds of conversation designers from more than 20 countries.

The role of the conversation designer

The artificial brain

As a conversation designer, you don’t need to be an engineer or code wizard. But you do need to understand how conversational platforms work. That’s why you will learn about the needs, limitations, and capabilities of the artificial brain.

The human brain

The user on the other end, has a completely different set of needs, hesitations and motivations. Understanding the psychological limitations and processes is just as important to maximize the interaction between the two.


By applying different copywriting techniques, that take both psychology and technology into account, we can create and shape meaningful user experiences that are helpful, natural and persuasive.

Robocopy is moving the industry forward in terms of conversation design

Vittorio Banfi, Founder Botsociety

The conversation design process

The Robocopy Conversation Design Process allows teams to be more productive and design better conversations. Our method ensures a structured way of working that focuses on user-centric designs. It supports the Conversation Design team to operate autonomously and to hold their own in a complex organization, where all stakeholders are represented.

Graduates from the Conversational Academy can work with every platform, including:

Robocopy has been leading the market in terms of converging a whole new genre of conversational design skills

Martin Hill Wilson, Brainfood Consulting

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