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With this subscription, you will have access to all course materials of the Conversational Academy. You will learn to master the Conversation Design Process. This design methodology has proven itself to the largest brands and is implemented by teams around the world.

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What you will learn

With this subscription, you will soon master the Conversation Design Process. You will have access to all course materials so you will always find the answer to your conversation design questions quickly. All content stays available and new lectures, research, interviews, and success stories are added frequently.

You will learn about

  • Conversation Design Process
  • Conversation Design Fundamentals
  • Advanced copywriting techniques
  • Principles for increasing motivation
  • Framework to manage emotions
  • Advanced personality content

The roles of the conversational team

The course materials in the library perpare you for all necessary responsibilties and roles of a conversational team. This table shares a bit more about which roles focus on the different steps in the Conversation Design Process.

I wasn't aware that there was so much to learn about conversation design, covering the fields of technology, psychology, and copywriting. The course is very well structured, fun and easy to follow.

Gabi, Certified Conversation Designer at SAP

What you will get

  • 80+ video lectures
  • New lectures added frequently
  • Examples and hands-on advice
  • Quizzes to test your knowledge
  • Downloadable templates and canvases
  • Invites to virtual meetups and live webinars
  • Access to the latest research
  • Deep knowledge of a proven methodology
  • Clear understanding of developing conversational AI teams

Our students work for brands like

Included in the online library

Conversation Design Fundamentals
  • How to write prompts
  • Acknowledgments
  • Confirmations
  • Scenarios
  • Error handling
  • Long tail
Conversation Design Process
  • Conversation Design Canvas
  • User needs / Bot needs
  • Sample Dialogue
  • Flowcharts
  • Wizard of Oz
Conversation Design for Increasing Motivation
  • Simple Question
  • Small Commitments
  • Social Proof
  • Loss Aversion
  • Choice Architecture
Personality Content
  • Bot Personality
  • How to write jokes
  • Easter Eggs
  • Seasonal Content
  • Curated Content

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