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As a Conversational Expert you ensure that all design fundamentals are in place, that personality comes to life, and that emotions are managed properly.

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The role of a Conversational Expert

As a Conversational Expert, you are the most senior writer in the conversational team. You focus on the bot personality, tone of voice and psychology. You can support other Conversation Designers and team members with expert rewrites, making sure that the bot persona is in line with the brand strategy. You help drive strategy and ensure a consistent user experience throughout the entire brand interaction.

The Robocopy Conversational Expert Certificate is recognized throughout the industry. It tells employers that you can responsibly write interactions in a consistent tone of voice that delight customers and unlock value for the brand.

This certificate comes with

  • Access to the exam with personalized link
  • Certificate that is recognized by industry leaders and leading enterprises
  • Increase your discoverability for potential employers
  • Retake with 50% discount
  • Access to exclusive community for certified conversation designers
  • Early bird access to all events, meetups and webinars

Robocopy has been leading the market in terms of converging a whole new genre of conversational design skills.

Martin Hill Wilson, Brainfood Consulting

Who it’s for

This certification is well suited for certified Conversation Designers or other professionals that are strong writers. You have to understand tone-of-voice, consistency, and be interested in psychology. Most Conversational Experts have a background in copywriting, communication, marketing, or screenwriting and fiction. This certification is right for you if you have:

  • Multiple years of experience in the conversation design realm,
  • Completed workshops and training via our training partners, or
  • Completed other courses of the Conversational Academy

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How to pass with flying colors

If you don’t have much experience with conversation design and writing, we recommend combining the Conversational Expert Certification with the Conversation Design Library. We teach you all you need to know with this Conversational Expert Bundle.

You will get:

  • Access to the full library
  • Over 80+ lectures
  • Defined materials to prepare you for the CE certification
  • Retake at NO additional costs
  • Direct access to all newly created content
  • Downloadable canvasses and study materials
  • Examples and hands-on advice
  • Quizzes to test your knowledge

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