Enterprise Package

Conversational Academy for Enterprises

  • Create virtual assistants that delight your customers
  • Get the most value out of your conversational platform
  • Develop a scalable conversation design team
  • Inspire, train and certify your team

Enterprise package unpacked

Online training

Your team will have unlimited access to our academy platform. With an always growing collection of video lectures, they will learn about the fundamentals, psychology and future of conversation design. They will learn hands-on copywriting techniques and methods that help them design conversations that make chatbots and voice assistants more helpful natural and persuasive.


To incentivize learning, we offer an official certificate, recognized by major technology companies that are pushing the boundaries of conversational AI. To earn certification, all your team members have to do is pass the online exam consisting of 100 multiple choice questions and prove their skills by doing a short writing test. The certificate will be handed personally and the digital version can be shown on Linkedin. This ensures high quality of their work, and also develops pride and visibility around the team.

Online library

Your team will have unlimited access to videos, canvases, cheat sheets, readers, glossaries and other materials that support your conversation design team. We continue to update these materials and always feed new learnings into the curriculum.

Custom lectures

If necessary, we enrich the curriculum with custom lectures for company specific aspects of your bot projects.


What are soft skills, personality traits and talents that successful conversation designers have in common? With an individual assessment, we help you identify potential conversation designers within your organisation. These talents can then develop capabilities in our online academy. This helps with growing and scaling your conversational AI team.

In company training

We have certified trainers around the world. They deliver on-site training to complement the online academy. During the training, your team will work on their own project and we will zoom in on specific challenges that have been identified in advance. Together, they will follow the Conversation Design Process and get expert feedback from our instructors.

Consultancy hours

Your team members have direct access to our team of experts to whom you can reach out to for questions and help on a wide variety of topics. This can be through Slack channels, Skype meetings or face to face.

Train the trainer

When your conversation design teams grow, new members have to be onboarded and trained. We offer a train the trainer for your high potentials to become conversation design evangelists and trainers. There is an official certificate and a yearly upgrade and refresher training.

Internal Promotion Kit

Especially for global enterprise clients with independent divisions, local offices and markets we have developed materials that can be disclosed through your intranet to inspire and convince teams to join the conversational academy and use the full potential of the Enterprise Package. This includes customized videos and downloadables.

For who

Organisations that are looking to develop and scale conversation design teams, benefit most from our enterprise package. Most of our clients work in government, pharmaceuticals, telecommunications, banking, finance, entertainment and travel. They are working with a wide mix of technologies and are deploying multiple chatbots and voice assistants.


For any questions, information about pricing, demo’s or a personal plan, contact Olaf Igesz at [email protected]